Scoundrels Cocktails

Mai tai Mutiny


A tiki classic. Havana 3 year mixed with Cointreau, lime and almond syrup.

The Red sea Bramble


Our twist on a gin cocktail. We replace the gin with Dead Man’s Fingers Raspberry rum mixed with lemon, sugar and raspberry liquor.

Buccaneer’S Margaritas


A mix of gold tequila, Cointreau, lime and grapefruit sugar creates a refreshing drink. Available with different flavours.

The Daiquiri Swashbuckler


A classic daiquiri, made with Havana 3 year, lime and sugar. Avalible in different flavours. Available blended.



M’Hearties Mojito


No rum bar is complete without a Mojito. Havana Club 3 year mixed with lime, sugar and mint topped with soda. Available in different flavours.

The Strumpet Martini


A martini two ways. A classic Pornstar Martini and an Espresso .

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