Tier 1 ~ Double and Mixer £8.50

Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Pineapple, Seville orange, dried raisins dusted with cinnamon and black pepper.

Dead Man’s Fingers White Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Hints of vanilla and tropical fruit.

Dead Man’s Fingers Black Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Notes of molasses paired with intense hints of dark runny caramel.

Dead Man’s Fingers Banana Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Banana fritters, black pepper, cinnamon and honeycomb.

Dead Man’s Fingers Lime Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Zingy lime citrus, bolstered by notes of spice and caramel, with a smidge of vanilla.

Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum – 37.5%

Cornish ~ Fruity coffee, chocolate orange, a whack of cumin, burnt sugar.

Dead Man’s Fingers Passionfruit Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Clear passion fruit influence here, blending well with tropical fruit notes and soft caramelised sweetness from the rum underneath

Dead Man’s Fingers Raspberry Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Tropical fruit and spices with bold notes of citrus, juicy raspberry and a touch of vanilla.

Dead Man’s Fingers Mango Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Cream vanilla and hints of black peppery, with a touch of vibrant citrus and juicy mango

Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Bright and almost tangy at first with fresh pineapple and ginger, followed by homemade caramel, nutmeg, cassia and mango.

Dead Man’s Fingers Cherry Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Aromas of rich cherry with notes of vanilla and zesty orange.

Dead Man’s Fingers Hazelnut Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Vanilla and toasted hazelnut, with a dusting of cocoa and spices.

Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum – 37.5%

Cornish – Elements of juicy mango, raisins, runny caramel, coconut ice (of course) and a slight citrusy trace of lime peel.

Appleton Estate Signature – 40%

Jamaican – Caramelised pineapple and candied ginger, with a drizzle of treacle and ripe stone fruit.

Appleton Estate 8 Year Reserve – 43%

Jamaican ~ Toasted sugar, almonds, melted butter, honey, caramel, chocolate peanuts and a hint of red apple.

Black Magic Spiced – 40%

American – Tropical spices, buttery dark rum and creamy coconut.

Balla Black – 40%

Bajan – Cardamom, brown sugar, cassia bark, nutmeg, caramelised raisins and BBQ pineapple.

Captain Morgans Tiki – 25%

Caribbean – Pineapple cubes, brown sugar, a hint of pepper and cinnamon.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold – 35%

Caribbean ~ Demerara sugar, smoky molasses and a big whack of cloves, nutmeg and sweet cinnamon.

Cut Spiced Rum – 37.5%

English – Caramelised pecan, orange chocolate and cassia bark.

Cut Smoked – 40%

English -Struck match, coffee bean bitterness balanced by vanilla.

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum – 40%

St Lucian – Orange peels, Jaffa Cakes, and pomander balls. Dark chocolate, Jamaican ginger cake.

Cockspur – 37.5%

Bajan – A Bajan rum aged in American white oak barrels before blending. Cockspur is buttery and spicy.

Foursquare Spiced Rum – 37.5%

Bajan – Toffee apples, sweet spices and gingerbread. A little perfumed character and bitter orange peel.

Flor de Cana 5 Anejo Classico – 40%

Nicaraguan – A warming nose, spicy and rich with buttery toffee and walnut.

Goslings – 40%

Bermudan – Balanced with thick, sweet spices, stewed fruits.

Havana Club 3 Year – 40%

Cuban – Notes of citrus, vanilla and oak, a little spice and lemon and a nutty

Havana Club 7 Year – 40%

Cuban – Cedar wood, guava, banana leaf and lots of toffee

Havana Club Cuban Spiced – 35%

Cuban – Cardamom, cinnamon, fresh pineapple, chocolate, toasted brown

Jamaica Cove Banana – 40%

Jamaican – Ripe, caramelised banana, lifted by a dash of citrus and helping of brown sugar.
Jamaica Cove Pineapple Rum – 40%

Jamaican – Loads of tangy fruit (mango and pineapple being the stand-outs), tempered by layers of caramel.

Jamaica Cove Ginger – 40%

Jamaican – Well spiced with hints of vegetal spice and root ginger. Creamy caramel and sugary cola cubes.

Kalani Coconut Rum – 30%

Mexican ~ Sweet and subtly chocolatey

Kingston 62 Gold Rum – 40%

Jamaican – Buttery and spicy, with vanilla alongside fresh tropical fruits, bolstered by ginger and cinnamon.

Koko Kanu – 37.5%

Jamaican – Naturally made and beautifully rich tasting coconut flavoured rum from Kingston

Lambs Navy – 40%

English – Sweet with caramel, molasses, dried fruit, nutmeg & cinnamon.

Lang’s Banana – 37.5%

Jamaican – Sweet and fruity, bold banana flavours from banana sweets and warm banana bread topped with brown sugar, ripe bananas subtle cinnamon and vanilla.

Lang’s Mango & Ginger – 37.5%

Jamaican – Spicy-sweet sunburst of ripe, velvety mango, with ginger heat building in a long smooth spiced finish.

Mount Gay Eclipse – 40%

Bajan – The palate is fruity and well-rounded with notes of banana, vanilla, smoke & toasty oak.

Old J Spiced – 35%

English – Based around the vibrant flavours of Persian lime and vanilla paired with classic rum notes

Old J Cherry- 35%

English – Cherry spiced rum with flavours of Persian lime and smooth vanilla.

Pirate’s Grog Spiced Rum – 37.5%

Honduran ~ A salty caramel infusion with allspice, butterscotch and vanilla

Plantation Original Dark 40%

Caribbean ~ Full flavoured and aromatic. The blend is predominately spicy 3-5yo Trinidadian rum, with a heady mix of Jamaican rum and caramel.

Rebellion – 37.5%

Trinidadian – Apricot nectar and vanilla, a little honey, cinnamon and toasty oak.

Red Leg Spiced Rum – 37.5%

English ~ Good level of sweetness with gingerbread and hints of black pepper. Sweet, creamy vanilla.

Red Leg Caramelised Pineapple – 37.5%

English ~ A good kick of ginger and pepper spice, creamy vanilla and syrupy, caramelised sweet pineapple.

Rumbullion – 42.6%

Caribbean – A long finish, with tongue-prickling spices, and a stunning degree of freshness as cinnamon, orange, and creamy, sweet vanilla.

Spice Hunter – 40%

Mauritian – More cinnamon, clove and an earthy twist of black pepper, then root beer, gingerbread and mulled fruit

Sailor Jerry Rum – 40%

Caribbean – Vanilla spice, butter, oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger.

Solway Banoffee Rum – 40%

Scotch -Salted caramel, pineapple, fruity esters, a hint of cassia, fried banana covered in honey, diced nuts.

Two Swallows Citrus & Salted Caramel Rum – 38%

English – Creamy sweet caramel is balanced by a pinch of rock salt along with candied lemon and orange peel

Two Swallows Cherry & Salted Caramel – 38%

English – Packed with honey and caramel, fruity esters drifting up through the richness. Just a touch of savoury salt notes arrives later on, balanced by juicy cherry and fresh


Two Swallows Orange & Ginger -38%

English – A big splash of orange is swiftly followed by a crackle of warming oak and ginger, with hints of candied pineapple and molasses linger in the background.

Two Swallows Banana & Salted Carmel – 38%

English – Richly sweet with decadent toffee and banana fritters, with hints of cassia and oak, and just a smidge of salinity.

Two Swallows Pineapple & Salted Caramel – 38%
English – layers of rich caramel notes and a contrasting touch of salinity, making for a satisfying sip.

Wood’s Old Navy Rum – 57%

Guyanese – Muscovado sugar, soft toffee and just a hint of the spice detected on the nose. This is very smooth, belying its hefty abv.

Tier 2 ~ Double and Mixer £9.50

Beachcomber Spiced Rum – 40%

English – Cinnamon, oaky vanilla, warming oak, caramelised banana, and brown sugar.

Bumbu Original – 40%

Bajan ~ Banoffee pie, oak spice and caramel, with touches of chocolate and allspice.

Bacardi 8 year – 40%

Puerto Rican – The palate is sweet and rich with tropical fruits, peels and winter spice.

Bumbu Cream Liquor – 15%

Bajan – Sweet, spiced, milky chai tea, wafts of cinnamon and nutmeg, caramel and silky cream.

Bombo 40 Caramel & Coconut – 40%

English -Coconut influence is clear, as are the sweet, chewy caramel notes.

Bombo 40 Caramel & Banana – 24%

English – Dried fruit, brown sugar, foam bananas and a hint of pineapple.

Bombo 40 Caramel & Spices – 24%

English – Light toffee and almond, with developing touches of coconut ice and white pepper.

Cargo Cult Banana Spice Rum – 38%

Australian Rum – Green apple, stem ginger and buttery biscuits. Dry spices linger on the finish, with a final hint of banana fritter.

Cinnabar Spiced Rum 41%

Portsmouth – Soft cinnamon, brown sugar, a hint of cut grass spiciness, orange and lemon

Chairman’s Reserve 40%

St Lucian – Cooked apples, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla and Demerara sugar.

Dark Matter Chocolate Orange – 20%

Scottish – Tart Sevilla orange and dark chocolate elegance combine with burnt sugar and treacle tart in this sweet offering.

Dark Matter Spiced Rum – 40%

Scottish – full-bodied notes of long pepper, fresh ginger, green peppercorns, and allspice.

Diplomatico Mantuano

Venezuelan – Lightly charred oak, brown sugar, caramel-coated dried fruits. A good core of drying spice give balance Doorly’s 5 year – 40%

Bajan – Butter popcorn and golden sugar syrup meet wafts of vanilla ice cream with toffee sauce.

The Duppy Share – 40%

Caribbean – Sultana and raisin, followed by vanilla and a hint of brine.

Faith & Sons Spiced Rum – 40%

English – Earthy vanilla, sweet toffee and slightly bitter orange peel initially, with ground cinnamon and clove underneath.

Five Hundred Cuts – 40%

Scottish – Highly aromatic, almost menthol, with assertive cardamom leading balanced by rich dark sugar.

Jaffa Cake – 42%

English – Made using actual Jaffa cakes, infused with oranges, fresh orange peel and cocoa powder.

Kraken – 40%

Caribbean – Dark, rich palate. Thick with molasses and tar, and a barrage of cinnamon, golden syrup, nutmeg and charred oak.

Kraken Roast Coffee – 40%

Caribbean – Rich treacle, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg, roasted coffee bean, and a zing of lime in the background.

Nelson’s Chocolate Rum – 41%

English – the chocolate offers a sweet melody alongside the robustness of the rum

Neptune Rum – 40%

Bajan – Ripe peaches, as well as touches of shredded coconut and green banana. More vanilla is present underneath with a faint hint of returning peppercorn.

Old J Tiki Fire – 75.5%

English – Plenty of vanilla and a touch of lime peel flavours at its core.

Phoenix Tears – 40%

English – Toasted cinnamon, brown sugar, a kick of citrus oil followed by pineapple and red grape.

Pirates Grog Rum 37.5%

Honduran Rum – Sweet with vanilla and brown sugars.

Pirate’s Grog Black Eight – 25%

Honduran – A thick, rich liqueur, with heavy notes of demerara sugar and freshly ground coffee beans.

Pirate’s Grog Honey – 37.5%

English – A wonderful array of spices with a hit of honey

Bajan ~ Banoffee pie, oak spice and caramel, with touches of chocolate and allspice.

Plantation 5 Year – 40%

Caribbean – Surprisingly sweet palate entry, with molasses and hints of leather to the fore, alongside orange rind and salted butter. Allspice.

Plantation 3 Star White Rum – 40%

Caribbean – Spiced palate entry. Creamy vanilla custard, fresh sugar cane honey and even a hint of agave.

Rum Ting – 42.5%

English – Fruit salad sweets, tropical juice and a zesty kick of passion fruit.

Soggy Dollar Island Spiced – 35%

Caribbean – Cola cubes, cinnamon stick, hints of fresh orange flesh and brown sugar

Spytail Ginger Rum – 40%

French – Brown sugar, spicy fresh ginger root with a kick of cinnamon, tropical fruits.

Wray and Nephew White Overproof – 63%

Jamaican – The palate is fruity and a little spirity. There are notes of banana and Demerara as well as spice and a little oak

1968 Portsmouth White Rum – 41%

Portsmouth – A silky mouthfeel containing both herbal, grassy notes and zesty fruit flavours with a touch of sultana sweetness

Tier 3 ~ Prices will vary in the bar

Atlantico Gran Reserva – 40% £11 

Dominican – More toffee, now with a hint of chocolate

Banana Bomb – 57% £12
English – Ripe banana sweetness with a pinch of salt, along with a good dose of ginger

Bougaville Vanilla – 40% £11

Mauritian – Bright and sweet, with hints of banana, ginger and vanilla.

Burla Negra – 40% £12
Caribbean – Salted caramel, fresh papaya, ginger, mint and lemon

Bumbu XO – 40% £13
Bajan – Rich notes of roasted oak, coffee and vanilla, with sweet toffee, orange peel and a touch of pepper spice.

Chairmans Reserve Forgotten Cask – 40% £12
St Lucian – Dark rich spices, apricot jam, golden syrup, toffee brittle, coffee and treacle.

Cherry Bomb -57% – £12

English – Produced with a base of Panamanian rum, Cherry Bomb is packed with notes of cherries and almonds.

Deadhead – 40 £18
Mexican – Less fruit sweetness than the nose (though orchard fruits to persist subtly). More focus on cooking spices and runny caramel, as well as continued rhum agricole grassy notes.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva – 40% £12
Venezuelan – Cocoa and vanilla, huge notes of oaky spice, brandy, plums and pepper.

Diplomatico Planas – 47% £11
Venezuelan – Chewy toffee and funky grass notes, with a lingering spiciness of fresh chilli.

Don Papa – 40% £11
Filipino – Medium length with punchy cinnamon

El Dorado 12 year – 40% £11 

Guyanese – Cocoa, caramel, prunes, spices, vanilla

El Dorado 15 year – 43% £15
Guyanese – Sweet and syrupy with notes of sweet spices, thick notes of dark brown sugar and molasses, treacle, toffee and prunes.

Eminente Reserve – 41.3% £12
Cuban – Fresh, fragrant and floral, light body, just a touch of sweetness, some pepper, then toffee, chocolate and coffee swing in. With a little smokiness in the background

Grapefruit Grenade 65% – £12

Tangy pink grapefruit and sweet honeycomb, with a base on Guyanese rum from the Diamond Distillery.

Havana Club Seleccion – 45% £14
Cuban – Notes of chocolate oranges, espresso beans, cedar wood, cigar leaves, calves’ leather, musty woodsheds and crème caramel.

HMS Victory Navy Rum – 57% £13.50
English – Banana fritters, brown sugar, a hint of lemongrass, slowly building Christmas spices.

Jack Ratt Lugger – 40% £13
English – Honey and caramel, with underlying banana-y esters. Slightly oily at points, with slowly growing spice notes at the core.

Mount Gay XO Triple Cask – £16
Bajan – Clove-studded orange, a dusting of cocoa, lychee and salted caramel.

Old Grog – 40% £12
Grenada – This rum is medium- bodied with a silky texture and a fruity oaky flavour

Passion Fruit Grenade – 65% £12
English – Tangy, distinctive passion fruit, with balanced salted caramel

Pirates Grog no13 – 40% £18
Honduran – Well-structured oak warmth with layers of toffee and dark chocolate.

Pineapple Grenade Spiced Rum – 65% £12
English – Tangy mango and pineapple, layers of caramel and a touch of ginger.

Plantation XO – 40% £15
Caribbean – Spiced, creamy palate entry, with sweet vanilla notes and caramel. Oaky spices

Plantation Pineapple – 40% £12
Caribbean – Spiced molasses tart and crumbly shortbread. Pineapple lends juicy and slightly earthy elements. Cassia spiciness develops.

Plantation O.F.T.D – 69% £13
Caribbean – Continued clove warmth, paired with caramelised apple and banana fritters

Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry – 43% £13
Caramelised banana and syrupy pineapple lead among drying herbal notes and prickles of brown spices.

Plantation Guatemala & Belize Anejo Rum – 42% £13 

Caribbean – Following its initial maturation, it’s taken to France to be finished in ex- Cognac casks, resulting in very intriguing additions to its rich flavour profile.

Pussers Gunpowder Rum – 54.5% £13
Caribbean – The palate is very sweet, plenty of dark, syrupy, stewed fruits.

Ron Zacapa 23 year – 40% £17
Guatemalan – Very sweet and soft. Dark brown sugar, molasses, rounded, so gentle – Venezuelan ~ Cocoa and vanilla, huge notes of oaky spice, brandy, plums and pepper.

Captains Top Shelf – Served as Singles – Prices at the Bar

Diplomatico Ambassador 47%

Venezuelan ~ Rich and fruity with a buttery biscuit base, cinnamon, dried apricots, dates and Nutella. The predominant flavour, however, is of really good sweet pipe tobacco. Stunning.

Ron Zacapa XO 40%

Guatemalan – Amazing intensity with waves of soft brown sugar, toffee, spicy oak, cedar and pine tobacco

Diplomatico Single Vintage 43%

Venezuelan – Roasted Orchard fruit, soft oak, strawberry and balsamic espresso, cassia and star anise

Appleton Estate 21 year old 43%

Jamaican – Thick full, nutty, cocoa, stewed fruits, Demerara sugar and oak

Facundo Paraíso XA 40%

Puerto Rican – Subtle, nuanced, luxurious, praline, caramels, sweet pea and oak

The Captains Rum

BLACK TOT 40 year old – The Best Rum in the Port

The British navy’s love of the rum from Guyana is well documented. This single cask bottling of rum was distilled in the Port Mourant still which has a history almost as long as the Royal Navy ration, and for me truly represents the “Heart of the tot” – Oliver Chilton (Head Blender)

One Of the oldest examples of Demerara Rum inn the world today, this was distilled in 1975 in the historic Port Mourant Double Wooden Vat still while it was housed at the now demolished Uitvlugt distillery in Guyana

We consider this rum to be one of “The Hearts of the Tot”, such was Guyana’s importance in the historic navy rum blend. 40 years of angels share has brought it to 44.2% ABV, and we present this exceptionally rare rum at its natural cask strength.

When buying this rum you become a part of Rapscallions forever be entering the Captains honour Board

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