Tier 1 ~ Double and Mixer £8.50

Havana Club 3 year 40%

Cuban ~ Notes of citrus, vanilla and oak, a little spice and lemon and a nutty note

Havana Club 7 year 40%

Cuban ~ Cedar wood, guava, banana leaf and lots of toffee

Havana Club Cuban Spiced 35%

Cuban ~ Cardamom, cinnamon, fresh pineapple, chocolate, toasted brown sugar, subtle oak.

Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Pineapple, Seville orange, dried raisins dusted with cinnamon and black pepper.

Dead Man’ Fingers Banana Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Banana fritters, black pepper, cinnamon and honeycomb.

Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum 40%

Cornish ~ Rich dark chocolate with a roasted nutty undertone, sweet candied citrus peel, a dash of lime, pine and earthy, grassy notes with a spicy finish

Dean Man’s Fingers Lime Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Zingy lime citrus, bolstered by notes of spice and caramel, with a smidge of vanilla.

Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Fruity coffee, chocolate orange, a whack of cumin, burnt sugar.

Dead Man’s Fingers Passion Fruit Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Clear passion fruit influence here, blending well with tropical fruit notes and soft caramelised sweetness from the rum underneath.

Dead Man’s Fingers Raspberry Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Tropical fruit and spices with bold notes of citrus, juicy raspberry and a touch of vanilla.

Dead Man’s Fingers Mango Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Cream vanilla and hints of black peppery, with a touch of vibrant citrus and juicy mango

Dead Man’s Finger Pineapple Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Bright and almost tangy at first with fresh pineapple and ginger, followed by homemade caramel, nutmeg, cassia and mango.

Dead Man’s Fingers Hazelnut Rum 37.5%

Cornish ~ Vanilla and toasted hazelnut, with a dusting of cocoa and spices.

Rumbullion! 42.6%

Caribbean ~ A long finish, with tongue-prickling spices, and a stunning degree of freshness as cinnamon, orange and creamy, sweet vanilla.

RedLeg Spiced Rum 37.5%

English ~ Good level of sweetness with gingerbread and hints of black pepper. Sweet, creamy vanilla

RedLeg Caramelised Pineapple 37.5%

English ~ A good kick of ginger and pepper spice, creamy vanilla and syrupy, caramelised sweet pineapple.

Spice Hunter 40%

Mauritian ~ More cinnamon, clove and an earthy twist of black pepper, then root beer, gingerbread and mulled fruit

Goslings 40%

Bermudan ~ Balanced with thick, sweet spices, stewed fruits.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 35%

Caribbean ~ Demerara sugar, smoky molasses and a big whack of cloves, nutmeg and sweet cinnamon.

Appleton Estate 8 year Reserve 43%

Jamaican ~ Toasted sugar, almonds, melted butter, honey, caramel, chocolate peanuts and a hint of red apple.

Koko Kanu 37.5%

Jamaican ~ Naturally made and beautifully rich tasting coconut flavoured rum from Kingston

Pirate’s Grog Spiced Rum 37.5%

Honduran ~ A salty caramel infusion with allspice, butterscotch and vanilla.

Kalani Coconut Rum 30%

Mexican ~ Sweet and subtly chocolatey

Cinnabar Spiced Rum 41%

Portsmouth ~ Soft cinnamon, brown sugar, a hint of cut grass spiciness, orange and lemon

Corner 53 Buttered Rum 37.5%

English ~ A decadent and buttery mouthfeel, with roasted espresso notes, orange oil and rich chocolate.

Plantation Original Dark 40%

Caribbean ~ Full flavoured and aromatic. The blend is predominately spicy 3-5yo Trinidadian rum, with a heady mix of Jamaican rum and caramel

Tier 2 ~ Double and Mixer £9.50

Bumbu Orginal 40%

Bajan ~ Banoffee pie, oak spice and caramel, with touches of chocolate and allspice.

Chairman’s Reserve 40%

St Lucian ~ Cooked apples, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla and Demerara sugar.

1968 Portsmouth White Rum 41%

Portsmouth ~ A silky mouthfeel containing both herbal, grassy notes and zesty fruit flavours with a touch of sultana sweetness.

Diplomatico Mantuano 40%

Venezuelan ~ Lightly charred oak, brown sugar, caramel-coated dried fruits. A good core of drying spice give balance.

Dark Matter Chocolate Orange Liqueur 20%

Scottish ~ Tart Sevilla orange and dark chocolate elegance combine with burnt sugar and treacle tart in this sweet offering.

Dark Matter Spiced Rum 40%

Scottish ~ full-bodied notes of long pepper, fresh ginger, green peppercorns and allspice.

Nelson’s Chocolate Rum 41%

English ~ the chocolate offers a sweet melody alongside the robustness of the rum

Neptune Rum 40%

Bajan ~ Ripe peaches, as well as touches of shredded coconut and green banana. More vanilla is present underneath with a faint hint of returning peppercorn.

The Duppy Share 40%

Caribbean ~ Sultana and raisin, followed by vanilla and a hint of brine.

Soggy Dollar Island Spiced 35%

Caribbean ~ Cola cubes, cinnamon stick, hints of fresh orange flesh and brown sugar.

Kraken 40%

Caribbean ~ Dark, rich palate. Thick with molasses and tar, and a barrage of cinnamon, golden syrup, nutmeg and charred oak.

Five Hundred Cuts 40%

Scottish ~ Highly aromatic, almost menthol, with assertive cardamom leading balanced by rich dark sugar.

Plantation 5 year 40%

Caribbean ~ Surprisingly sweet palate entry, with molasses and hints of leather to the fore, alongside orange rind and salted butter. Allspice.

Plantation 3 Star White Rum 41.2%

Caribbean ~ Spiced palate entry. Creamy vanilla custard, fresh sugar cane honey and even a hint of agave.

Pirates Grog Rum 37.5%

Honduran Rum ~ Sweet with vanilla and brown sugars.

Bacardi 8 year 40%

Puerto Rican ~ The palate is sweet and rich with tropical fruits, peels and winter spice.

Cargo Cult Banana Spice Rum 38%

Australian Rum ~ Green apple, stem ginger and buttery biscuits. Dry spices linger on the finish, with a final hint of banana fritter.

Tier 3 ~ Prices will vary in the bar

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 40%

Venezuelan ~ Cocoa and vanilla, huge notes of oaky spice, brandy, plums and pepper.

Diplomatico Planas 47%

Venezuelan ~ Chewy toffee and funky grass notes, with a lingering spiciness of fresh chilli.

Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Casks 40%

St Lucian ~ Dark rich spices, apricot jam, golden syrup, toffee brittle, coffee and treacle.

Don Papa Small Batch 40%

Filipino ~ Medium length with punchy cinnamon

Pirate’s Grog No.13 40%

Honduran ~ Well-structured oak warmth with layers of toffee and dark chocolate.

El Dorado 12 year 40%

Guyanese ~ Cocoa, caramel, prunes, spices, vanilla.

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros 45%

Cuban ~ Notes of chocolate oranges, espresso beans, cedar wood, cigar leaves, calves’ leather, musty woodsheds and crème caramel.

Ron Zacapa 23 year 40%

Guatemalan ~ Very sweet and soft. Dark brown sugar, molasses, rounded, so gentle!

Plantation XO Barbados 20th Anniversary 40%

Caribbean ~ Spiced, creamy palate entry, with sweet vanilla notes and caramel. Oaky spices

Eminente Reserva 7 year 41.3%

Cuban ~ Fresh, fragrant and floral, light body, just a touch of sweetness, some pepper, then toffee, chocolate and coffee swing in. With a little smokiness in the background.

Bumbu XO 40%

Bajan ~ Rich notes of roasted oak, coffee and vanilla, with sweet toffee, orange peel and a touch of pepper spice.

HMS Victory Navy Strength Rum 57%

English ~ Banana fritters, brown sugar, a hint of lemongrass, slowly building Christmas spices.

Plantation Pineapple Stiggins’ Fancy 40%

Caribbean ~ Spiced molasses tart and crumbly shortbread. Pineapple lends juicy and slightly earthy elements. Cassia spiciness develops.

Plantation O.F.T.D 69%

Caribbean ~ Continued clove warmth, paired with caramelised apple and banana fritters.

Captain’s Rum

Diplomatico Ambassador 47%

Venezuelan ~ Rich and fruity with a buttery biscuit base, cinnamon, dried apricots, dates and Nutella. The predominant flavour, however, is of really good sweet pipe tobacco. Stunning.

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